This Week's 'WakeBros' Gold Medalist: It's A Tie Between Phil And Bob!

When Bob snaked Phil's perfect cover shot in New York City, it seemed likely we'd be reading the redhead's obituary sooner than later. But on tonight's "WakeBrothers" the two siblings finally found a way to mend fences, and as they rode off into the sunset on a tandem bicycle (before Phil jumped ship and swore off the machine forever, that is), there was a glimmer of hope that the pair might one day be...friends?

Predictably, the brothers started out the episode at each other's throats. Phil was sick of Bob's irritating behavior, and Bob was sick of feeling like Phil could blow his lid at any second. And when Bob seriously considered showering his brother in pepper spray as Phil encroached, Wayne demanded they see a counselor to get over their differences. Phil obliged, but once at the meeting, he was resistant to any of the advice or exercises offered. He wasn't going to journal, he couldn't summon any empathy for his hermano and a two-man group project to rebuild the relationship seemed like more trouble than it was worth.

After making a mockery of the counselor's suggestions by dressing up as each other and exploiting any annoying affectations, Phil and Bob finally started to take their sessions seriously, and vowed to give back to the community through a group hangout with a brother and sister living in foster care. Bob shot some hoops with Skyler out front while Phil got to grilling with Derricka on the back patio, and when the group came together for dinner, Phil challenged Bob to down 10 cupcakes--with $500 in cold, hard cash for the kids on the line. There was no way Bob was gonna be shown up, and even though treat #10 was shoved into his face and used more as face paint than dessert, dude got the job done.

Jason was so proud of his older brothers by the episode's end that he surprised them with a tandem bike. Naturally, Bob was game, but Phil would need a little bit more convincing to go any further than the spot at which the driveway met the street.

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