'Awkward.' Hall Of Shame: Jenna Puts Her Own Sex Life On Blast

The show's name says it all: "Awkward." And, going into its second season, we've decided it deserves a Hall of Fame Shame where the most cringeworthy moment of each episode can reside in its own twisted sort of glory. Each week, we're adding a new video clip to the collection--check out the latest below!

It's a teenage rite of passage for a parent to "overhear" your private phone conversation, but rarely are personal sexual escapades broadcast to your peers, teachers and school administrators in one fell swoop. Jenna's elbow caused quite a stir on the last episode of "Awkward" when it accidentally aired her erotic proposal to Jake across the Palos Hills High School PA system, and while it seemed like she finally got over her mortification by the episode's end, we decided it was just too juicy a moment not to hang prominently in our Hall of Shame. Go ahead, hit play. Hit play again. One more time! Isn't that nice?

J-Town was feeling a little ambivalent about Jake until Tamara helped her see things more clearly. "We know you were in love with Matty, but when did you know?" she asked her best friend before Jenna realized her first fling with Matty at camp was when her feelings stuck. She concluded that a between-the-sheets test with her current boyfriend was the only way to concretely determine her feelings, but when she caught Jake in the morning announcements office, her proposal was a little bit more far-reaching than she anticipated. "I think we should have sex," she said with a sly grin, which quickly faded into a panicked frown as she realized the sentiment might as well have been painted onto a blimp and flown around campus. Better now than later, at least...?

+ Check out the video, and tell us if you think this moment is worthy of Hall of Shame status!

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