'WakeBrothers' Sneak Peek: Bob Puts Forth His Best 'Angry Phil'

Bob and Phil Soven are total opposites, but every younger brother strives to emulate his older sibling at some point or another, and "Angry Phil"'s beta counterpart is let loose in Florida in the upcoming episode of "WakeBrothers." (If Bob ultimately decides against staying stoic, at least he got another chance to play adult dress-up!)

With a dark, short wig and an ode to Phil’s signature no-frills tee, MTV's ginger emblem summons his personality’s darker notes in this sneak peek of Wednesday night’s all-new episode. After pushing his pals aside, tossing some furniture over the balcony ("F*** this chair--this is my patio!" he rages) and fuming like Phil might, the real deal comes face-to-face with his little brother’s mocking and looks ready to throw down. BUT WHICH IS WHICH?!

+ Check out the video, and tell us if you think Bob has gone a little too far, or if Phil is being a bit of a wet blanket.

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