Awkward! Jenna Meets Her Mom's Matty [Sneak Peek]

We knew it was coming! Now that Jenna Hamilton's parents are sort-of separated, Lacey's a bit confused about where her love life stands, and on the next "Awkward," she's going to have an even tougher time figuring things out. Ben, an old high school boyfriend (and her V-Card's proud swiper) shows up to town, and after some investigating and critical analysis, Tamara points out what we thought we might eventually hear: "Ben's your mom's Matty!"

Ben arrives at the Hamilton household as Aunt Ally's wedding party assembles in this sneak peek of Thursday's all-new episode. After sorting through the old relics of Lacey's high school days, Jenna and Tamara start to put the pieces together, and realize--after Lacey and Ben's nervous reunion--that their relationship was a lot more significant than the two friends had expected. Things aren't looking good for Mr. H (who, we guess, is Lacey's Jake by default...?), but on the bright side, this might be a way into some uninterrupted hot-tubbing.

+ Check out the video, and see how Lacey and Ben's story unfolds on Thursday!

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