JWOWW Teaches A Famous Writer How To Jersey Turnpike [Video]

James Frey's "A Million Little Pieces" is one of the most famous literary works of the last decade (Oprah made sure of it), but on Bravo's "Watch What Happens Live" last night, his artistic inclinations leaned a little more toward dance--more specifically, that of the great Jersey Turnpike. Thankfully, JWOWW was on-hand to see the first-timer through the movement, but he quickly proved he was a natural, and--dare we say it--gave Deena a run for her money.

Jenni stopped by Andy Cohen's set last night to bend his ear about her compulsive lying, who she thinks will show up to Snooki's baby shower and why the famous Hilton sisters are just meh. Finally, when words failed, and with a plea for a Turnpiking demonstration from Andy himself, Jenni and James let their bodies talk as house music started inexplicably erupting out of the speakers. "Shake it!" JWOWW demanded of her obligatory dance partner. And shake it, he did. A career in writing is definitely more provocative than it used to be...

+ Check out the ballroom-worthy routine for yourself, and take a look at JWOWW sounding off on the celebrities she's met since her "Shore" journey first began.

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Photo courtesy of BravoTV.com