'Real World' Sneak Peek: Laura And Swift Reach Their Breaking Points

Halfway into the "Real World: St. Thomas" season, Swift's urchin-beef with LaToya stands as the single stretch of choppy water across an otherwise calm sea. But it looks like two storms are growing stronger just off the coast, and for Laura and Swift, flashes of lightning are mere moments away.

Trey gives his hookup-buddy Laura the cold shoulder in this sneak peek of Wednesday's all-new episode after hearing around the house that she spent the night flirting with a guy at the bar. Trey and Laura recently agreed to keep seeing each other, but Laura looks ready to give up when Trey won't let his jealousy go, even though she makes a point to say she has no plans to call her new friend. Meanwhile, Swift catches flak from Marie outside, but tells her he's not going to respond to her labeling him a late-night "stupid ass." Her Statitude's in full-effect, though, and when she won't lay off, Swift jumps up and explodes, drawing defense from Robb, who warns Swift to keep his cool. "Check her, don't check me," Swift says, but Marie has already proven she's not one to be tamed.

Check out the video, and make sure to tune in Wednesday night at 10/9c to see all the drama for yourself.

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