Valerie Marks: 'Tramp Stamp Equals Love' [Video]

So a one-year anniversary earns a paper gift, and ten years together means it's time for tin, but what about all those other milestones in between? Well, when it comes to the number two, it's no precious metal or jewel, Valerie Marks of "Awkward" assures an inquiring mind. For a second successful year together, a couple should declare their love with the much sought-after ass tattoo.

"Tramp stamp equals love," Val states simply in the webisode below. That, if a life-sized cut-out of the couple made entirely out of lollipops isn't available. And when that couple hits a roadblock somewhere down the line, who should wear the pants? LaToya of "Real World" seems to think there are skirt alternatives involved, but for Vice Principal Marks, a relationship will only see progress if everyone involved is bottomless. "It is not fair if one person gets to take the pants off and have all the fun and the other person has to do all the work," she points out. "I say: no pants."

+ Check out the video, and tell us what you'd ask Val if ever given the chance!

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