JWOWW's Ready To Defy Customs In The Name Of Spring Break [Bonus Scene]

The Federal Aviation Administration strictly prohibits traveling internationally without a passport, but it's SPRING BREAK, and, therefore, the rules are null and void for Jenni and her old friend, Eunice, who's invited along to Cancun by Snooki & JWOWW in this bonus scene from tonight's episode. Problem is, Eunice doesn't have a passport.

Meh, slight bump in the road.

Jenni tries to convince her pal that traveling without proper documents won't be an issue in the below clip. "People have, like, family emergencies and deaths and stuff, like, at the airport," she says. "There's something like that." A few quick calculations and...yup, checks out! Just in case, though, better consult Nicole on the ins and outs of international travel. "Maine is in Canada!" she offers out of nowhere. Does it get more poignant?

+ Check out the cartographers-in-training, and tell us if you think the ladies will ever actually make it to Mexico.

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