This Week's 'WakeBros' Gold Medalist: Bob, For Enduring Phil's Wrath And Fighting Crime

Brothers Phil and Bob Soven don't have a ton in common outside of their sport, but one thing they do noticeably share is a drive to be on top. And don't you just love some healthy competition? Each week, we're using all sorts of secret charts and equations to determine which of the brothers was most worthy of the gold medal Have a look at tonight's winner.

Bob of "WakeBrothers" might be a redhead by birth, but tonight, the only color we saw was gold.

Ginger Snap headed to the Big Apple with his bro and some friends on tonight's episode for an epic photo shoot featuring the scenic Battery Park and Liberty Island as backdrops. Before the big day, though, Aaron convinced Phil that a night on the town was in order, leaving underage Bob to his own devices with Rusty. Thankfully, the kid's got no shortage of imagination and was able to use the time to cultivate a crime-fighting alter-ego, find New York's real-life superhero, The Dark Guardian, and prowl the streets for drug dealers and other law-breakers.

When Phil and Bob arrived at the Hudson River the next day for their shoot, Phil almost immediately pissed off his pals and the magazine's staff by throwing a fit about the choppy water. The guys waited impatiently while Phil eased in, but when Bob sensed his brother would never take the plunge, he hopped in himself and got some amazing shots in a neon green suit. Phil was pissed, and when he finally did get wet, he admitted his photos were consequently less than stellar. He screamed at Bob and accused him of "poaching" his shot, but Bob didn't let his older brother get him down. Way to roll with the punches, man.

Michael Phelps may have seen record-breaking Olympic gold this week, but a Remote Control medal? Now that's hard to come by.

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