How Should Laura And Trey Proceed With Their St. Thomas Fling?

Soon after the new "Real World" cast moved into their beachy St. Thomas pad, Laura made it abundantly clear she was crazy about Trey. He tried to keep her at arm's length as to not upset his sorta-girlfriend back home, but eventually, he gave in to Laura's charm and slept with her. They've been two peas in a pod ever since, but tonight, their relationship saw its first test, and the results were messy.

When Trey spotted Laura hanging out with a couple of dudes at a bar in St. Croix, he flipped his lid and gave her the cold shoulder. Laura called bullsh**, assuring her crush that she wasn't interested in either guy and that their conversation was strictly platonic. More importantly, she reminded Trey that he was still consistently in touch with Chelsea, so he had no right to stand in judgment of her. Trey and Laura ultimately decided they'd (cautiously) proceed with their relationship, but we're wondering if that was the right move.

+ What do you think: Are Laura and Trey making a smart decision, or should they completely call it quits? Share your opinion, then have a listen to Marie's and Robb's perspective in the Real World: St. Thomas After Show clip below. Here's a taste: "Trey just sucks--he like, just made Laura suck, too." Delicious!

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