JWOWW Pours One Out For Her Childhood Kitty [Photo]

A young JWOWW (?) embraces her itty-bitty kitty, Peaches.

The collection of sh**-heaps that litter Snooki & JWOWW's kitchen floor (nice, Noel) are daily reminders that Jenni's definitely a dog person, but there was a time when an adorable little kitty was J's main animal squeeze. Sadly, Peaches, JWOWW's childhood cat, recently passed away, but it's nice to know feline Farley was honored with a Twitter memorial so that "Shore" fans far and wide wouldn't soon forget the former apple of Jenni's eye.

"My cat Peaches that I got when I was a kid was laid to rest today," Jenni wrote on the social media site with a photo of what looks to be Jen, herself (hard to say for sure without those signature streaks...). Tragically, Peaches' passing marks another loss for the MTV crew's extended pet family, and we only hope that the little furball might meet The Osbournes' adored Lola in the animal afterlife (Yes, it exists!).

+ Take a look at JWOWW's heartstrings-pulling snapshot, and make sure to send along your condolences.

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Photo courtesy of @JenniWOWW