Are You Digging Colton Haynes' New Buzz Cut? [Photo]

Colton Haynes' shaved head: Yay or nay?

Somehow, between locker room scuffles and cross-species mutations, Jackson of "Teen Wolf" has always managed to keep his perfectly coiffed hairdo in check. But today, the actor behind the character, Colton Haynes, eliminated the chance of a single hair falling out of place ever again (or, at least, for the next few weeks). Yup, that is ELECTIVE BALDNESS, ladies and gents. Beacon Hills has never seen so little insulation on a human-beast hybrid...

"Shaved my head!" Colton announced on Twitter with an attached shot of the eager razor's work. Could this provide some insight into the show's bulked-up Season 3? It's possible, or maybe the guy just ran out of product. Pomade don't come cheap!

+ Tell us what you think of Colton's buzz cut--is the cue ball look doing him justice, or is this a mistake remedied only by a month's worth of baseball caps?

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Photo: @ColtonLHaynes