5 Reasons Why Ricky And Sadie Belong Together (In Hell!)

While Tamara was shocked and riddled with piddle over seeing her obsession, Ricky Schwartz, making out with her mortal enemy, Sadie Saxton, we have to admit, regrettably, that the "Awkward" mean girl and smooth-talking band geek are pretty much meant for each other. (Good thing, too, because T can do a whole lot better!) Here's why we think Ricky and Sadie are a solid match.

1. They're both liars. With Ricky constantly leading on poor T, and Sadie telling her bestie she can't hang on V-day because of killer cramps, these two walking wrongs most def make a relationship right. We know, sad.

2. They occasionally take advantage of the tipsy. Remember when Ricky played tonsil hockey with Jenna? Jenna definitely doesn't, because she was drugged by her aunt. Then there was that time on New Year's when a smitten Sadie jumped Matty's sloshed bones, just before he passed the eff out.

3. They're completely  inappropriate. What kind of a self-respecting guy urges his girl to smoosh her tittays all up on a sliding glass door? Ricky Schwartz, that's who. Jake would never pull that ish. And, well, Sadie's just a bitch-fest on legs, spewing rude comments 24/7.

4. They're full of spirit! With Ricky in the marching band and Sadie on the cheerleading squad, these two just ooze mad love for Palos Hills High School.

5. They're completely oblivious to other people's feelings. With Ricky mackin' on the PHHS bleachers right in front of Tamara, and then him swapping saliva with Sadie inside a kegger's only bathroom stall, we can say for sure these two are totally in their own worlds.

+ Do you agree that Ricky and Sadie belong together (in hell), or should Tamara continue to pine for the slimeball with the stupid mustache? Comment!

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