Farrah Recalls Her Family's Darkest Days [Video]

Farrah has already butted heads with her mother a few times on this season of "Teen Mom," but thankfully, these recent screaming matches are nothing compared to their fights of yesteryear. We first detected a huge resentment simmering in Debra during "16 and Pregnant," when she accused her daughter of having an "anti-Christ" attitude and took a swing at her in the car, and the violence only escalated from there. By Season 2, Debra had been arrested for being physically abusive inside their home, and Farrah had involved a lawyer. "That was definitely the lowest point with my family," recalls the young mother in the below clip from our latest "Teen Mom After Show."

Looking back, Farrah fully understands how her relationship with Debra reached such a dramatic boiling point. "When two people do not communicate, and then keep getting mad at each other and making stabs, and, like my mom overstepping her boundaries and getting in my space...it leads to people just hating each other," she explains. Now, she's just relieved the past is behind them. While she once questioned whether her parents loved her, now she can say with full confidence that they do--they even tell her so every day.

+ Watch the video, and leave a comment about how you think Farrah's relationship with her family has changed over time.

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