Snooki Avoids Cleaning With Fire Safety Lectures [Sneak Peek]

Since the days of Smokey the Bear, every kid has grown up knowing that homes need a functioning fire-alarm system in order to be deemed safe. And while it's commendable that Nicole voices some concerns about her dusted-over alarm in this sneak peek of Thursday night's episode, it's clear to Jenni--who's trying to get Casa de Snooki & JWOWW spic 'n' span--that the little meatball is really just trying to avoid a hard day's work.

Snooki's fascination with the beeping machine's upkeep digresses into memories of the good ol' days, and Jenni can eventually tell that her requests for help with cleaning are doomed to be ignored. "Does the fireman automatically come, or do you call them?" Nicole asks, consumed by the antique look of the alarm. "You call them, I feel." Nicole tries to get Jenni to join in on the one-woman conversation with mention of the time she pulled her old school's fire alarm, but Jen won't take the bait. Maybe JWOWW was more straitlaced as a student than we expected...?

Take a look at the video, and hear more of the hell Snooks rose in her "young and dumb" days.

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