Matty Gives His New 'Friend' Jenna Some Sex Advice [Sneak Peek]

It's been months since Matty and Jenna have gone any further than a handshake, but there's no denying some heat still lingers between them. On Thursday night's all-new "Awkward," though, it looks as if Matty--who's been persistently trying to win J-Town back--might finally be ready to give up his quest and fall into the role of her friend. That, or he's working the sensitive guy angle. Shifty, that McKibben fellow...

In this sneak peek of the ep, Matty turns conversation toward bedroom behavior after Jenna accidentally proposes sex to Jake over the school's PA system, but Jenna is reluctant to discuss the topic with her ex-fling. Matty assures her it's totally normal for friends to talk between-the-sheets action, and Jenna considers that might actually be what they've become. "Go easy, he's nervous," Matty tells his new pal about her plans with Jake. "He really...likes you." Apparently, we're all supposed to pretend Jake never dropped the L-bomb in Episode 5.

+ Check out the video, and tell us if you think Matty is being sincere, or if he's just reworking his strategy.

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