Was Snooki Jealous Of JWOWW's New Jersey City Friend? [Video]

Jealous isn't really the word to describe how Nicole felt about her BFF making a new friend in Jersey City. Annoyed is more like it.

While the pregnant guidette was scooping the poop at doggie daycare during last week's "Snooki & JWOWW," Jenni was making cupcakes and conversation at her baking class. "Nicole's been a bitch to me lately," she admitted in the episode. "She should sit around and be miserable, [but] I'm not going to sit around and be miserable with [her.]" So when Jenni clicked with the distant cousin of Donna from "That '70s Show," Ashley, and invited her along to Powerhouse, three quickly became a crowd. Although the trio did end up sharing a few laughs as they engaged in some lighthearted banter about marriage proposals and exchanged some intense words with a Creepy McCreeperson sitting at the bar, Snooks was insistent on wearing her cranky pants.

+ Though Ashley was a "nice girl," Nicole expresses that she couldn't help but have a bitchy 'tude around Jenni's pale pal in our exclusive "Snooki & JWOWW Confessional" clip below. Watch the vid, and share whether you think it was cool for JWOWW to invite a stranger on her date with Snooks.

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