Want A Bonus Week Of Ms. Morgendorffer? Tweet #MoreDaria!

This morning, the prayers of many '90s misanthropes were answered when "Daria" returned to MTV for three fateful hours as part of Retro Mania. Thankfully, between getting part-time employment at the mall and decrying teenage modeling scouts, the heroine intends to stay all week, spreading whatever apathy she's able to from 9 a.m. until noon each day. And now, with your help, maybe even longer! If she feels like it...

We've got a proposition, viewers. If you take to Twitter and spread #MoreDaria across your timelines (10,000 times, that is), MTV will unlock an ENTIRE EXTRA WEEK's worth of episodes. That's 15 f***ing additional hours of Jane, The Fashion Club and Mr. DeMartino's temperamental eye bulge. At the moment, the ticker shows nearly 3,000 mentions, but you've got until Friday to make sure that 10K mark is hit. Should you fall short of the challenge, may you be subjected to Olympic Orienteering!

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