'Teen Wolf' Is About To See Some Major Changes [Video]

A mother can be reduced to tears upon recognition of her teenage son's half-inch growth spurt or first few chin hairs, so when Scott finally revealed to Mrs. McCall that he was a werewolf on tonight's "Teen Wolf," the bomb hit hard, and it became pretty clear that their life in Beacon Hills was about to turn upside down. A new Christmas card is certainly in order, for starters.

In the collection of cast interviews below, Tyler Posey, Holland Roden, Dylan O'Brien and Crystal Reed talk about the personal shifts the cast will see during Season 2's remaining episodes, and while the McCalls definitely have some family therapy ahead of them, Allison is venturing down a new path as well. After she discovered Derek's bite was what ultimately lead to her mother's demise, she committed completely to the side of the werewolf hunters, appearing ready to take down Scott if he even considered interfering. "I think Allison will never look at werewolves the same," Reed says in the video. "I think she'll never really look at [Scott] the same."

+ Check out the clip, and tell us if you think Scott will be able to recover from his shaken world, or if he's officially now a lone wolf.

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