'Awkward.' Hall Of Shame: Tamara Wets Her Pants In Front Of The World

Needing to pee at a party when there's a long line is the worst. No, scratch that. Needing to pee at a party when there's a long line, and then barging into the bathroom to find your ex-boyfriend mackin' with your sworn enemy is the absolute WORST. Tamara had a pretty rough Valentine's Day after getting her heart broken (86 percent of you thought it blew more than Jenna's), but the "Awkward" sidekick's pain threshold hadn't been exhausted quite yet.

When Sadie Saxton revealed herself as Ricky Schwartz's mysterious make-out buddy, Tamara's shock (paired with an over-saturation of Cupid-themed drinks) saw release in the most humiliating way possible: a public bladder-drain...in front of everyone. There were no words, and there was no recovery. Black Hearts Party, indeed...

+ Check out the video below for a moment that will be talked about well into Season 3, and if you can do with a little more shame, head over to MTV Act to hear the show's stars discuss the discomfort of their past summer jobs.

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