Kanima Krash Kourse: What We Know About The Creature And Its Master

S**t's getting really real on "Teen Wolf." Let's review...

The wicked witch Mrs. Argent is dead, likely frolicking in a Crazytown in the sky built just for her. Following a zombie-fied Peter Hale's orders, Lydia seems hellbent on drugging the town with wolfsbane, even if that means killing off some of her best friends. And creepster Matt has now been revealed as the Kanima's master, bringing a whole new meaning behind his odd mission to break up Scott and Allison.

As we inhale a slice of humble pie, we have to admit: We're confused. WTF is up with the Kanima? Why is he killing off an old swim team? Why did he choose Jackson as his human puppet? To try and get to the bottom of things, we've decided to fashion a bit of a history term paper and outline exactly what we do know about the Kanima, thus far...

It has wolf-like qualities. According to the hunters' bestiary, the Kanima is a mutation of the werewolf gene, with its power being strongest during a full moon. Also like its furry counterpart, the Kanima is a social being and has lightning-quick healing powers.

It is a lizard-like murderer. The scaly creature killed Isaac Lahey's ol' man, a random couple, one of the Argents' hunters, a mechanic and various other seemingly innocent victims. Like a reptile, the Kanima has a long tail and can climb walls with ease; its sharp claws secrete venom that can paralyze its victims for hours.

It is scared of its own reflection. If we looked like a giant blue lizard, we'd be smashing mirrors and hiding from glass windows, too.

It detests the water. We found this out during Episode 4, when Derek and Stiles were trapped in the middle of the BHHS pool. The one factor that its victims all have in common is that they were on the swim team where Isaac's pop was a coach.

It seeks a master. A weapon of vengeance, the Kanima is used as a sort of servant to carry out the bidding of its master. It cannot fully transform until it resolves its past, but just what it's trying to resolve is beyond us. We know it is using Jackson's body to attack the folks of Beacon Hills. More importantly, we know that Matt is now its master, and Matt can't swim.

+ Did we leave out any pertinent details about the reptilian shape shifter? Where do you think this storyline is going? Comment!

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