This Is It, 'Hills' Fans! Check Out The Best Of Season 6

Just as quickly as it came, it went. But it did, indeed, kick some ass.

Retro Mania has officially aired the last of "The Hills," and come Monday, the SoCal girls' journeys through early adulthood will be a fleeting memory (again). But, the fat lady can't sing 'til we round up the biggest moments!

Season 6 saw Heidi and Spencer officially fall off their rockers, Audrina date a certifiable rock star and Lo take one step closer to matrimony. And then there was that whole up-in-the-air-ending that still has everyone scratching their heads. When Stacie The Bartender was a cast mainstay--here is the best of "The Hills" Season 6!

Heidi 2.0: Before the return of the final season, rumors were rampant in the press that Heidi had made a pet project out of her own body. Lo told Stephanie she'd heard Mrs. Pratt had undergone nearly a dozen elective surgeries, and Heidi confirmed it all when she traveled home to Colorado and showed off her new face (and back and ass) to her family. Darlene was honest and told her daughter she looked much more beautiful before the scalpel touched down, and Heidi broke down and begged her mother to understand her pain.

Family At War: Stephanie spent early 2010 alluding to the fact that her relationship with Spencer was slowly falling apart, but one night at Kristin's barbecue, she decided to give a reunion one last shot. With Lo's encouragement, Steph walked on over to the man whom she'd previously housed and was instantly shut down. "You're a crazy bitch," he told his sister, who'd only said hello. Suddenly, the group collectively understood just how far off the deep end crystal-wearing Spencer had gone, and that Heidi, who watched the scene in silence, wasn't far behind.

This Is It: In one of the most heartbreaking scenes "The Hills" ever broadcasted, Stephanie and Holly rallied the girls together to discuss how to approach Heidi's and Spencer's erratic behavior. After arguments about who was manipulating whom, and where the origin of Speidi's hysteria started, the girls agreed to cut them out of their lives, and Stephanie and Holly broke down over the figurative death of their siblings.

Justin [Ryan] Bobby: Audrina spent a good chunk of Season 6 happily dating singer Ryan Cabrera and allowing Justin Bobby access only to her memories. The past proved it wasn't willing to stay there, though, and one night out at Les Deux, Ryan and Justin came face-to-face in a deliciously awkward moment. Ryan told Audrina he wasn't down for sticking out the discomfort, and begged her to leave. Still, as he's a gentlemen, he made sure to high-five JB on the way out. Sadly, Justin wouldn't return the gesture, and could only muster up a fist, which he used to strike Ryan's palm.

First-Time Reject: Kristin has always been the girl who gets what she wants. Or was, until she tried to get back with ex Brody. As Season 6 carried on, Kristin felt feelings for her ex resurface, and one night while sipping wine on her couch, decided to come clean about how she felt. Brody told her she should have been honest from the get-go, and that he'd been thrown off by her games. Kristin assured him she was sincere, but either way, it didn't matter: Brody was seeing someone else, and Kristin was officially rejected (and, though we can't say for sure, we imagine it was for the first time...ever).

Last Looks: After getting Brody's icy cold-shoulder, Kristin decided she needed a change of scenery in the form of a move overseas. And when it came time to finally ship out, Brody showed up at the last minute to wish his good friend farewell. He told Kristin he didn't want her to leave, but it was too late, and after a teary hug, she set out for the airport. Then...the film crew broke down the set.

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