Jenna Or Tamara: Who Had The Crappier Valentine's Day?

There are two kinds of people in the world: Those who love Valentine's Day, and those who only love it when they have a significant other. Jenna, while certainly the anti-girl when it comes to romance and relationships, intended to respectfully honor February 14 with her boo, Jake, on tonight's episode of "Awkward," but despite being pro-Cupid, her night kind of stunk. And then there was single Tamara, who also had a craptastic time. Let's take a closer look at their "celebrations"...


Upon arriving at her favorite local dinner joint with Jake, Jenna thought she was in for a memorable meal. But then the maître d' led them to their perfect table (of doom), which was right smack dab next to her ex-lovah, Matty, and his new girl, Courtney. Things only got worse from there, as McKibben and his C-word held hands and Jenna accidentally hit her head against the table. It was a rough affair, but one nice thing did come out of it--Jake dropped the L-bomb.


Smitten T was pleased that Ricky arrived at the popular Black Hearts party solo, but she couldn't enjoy herself cuz she was too busy trying to kiss people in front of him in order make him jealous. And just when she was ready to give up on trying to "out-douche a douche," she walked in on him and Sadie Saxton making out in the bathroom...and promptly peed herself.

+ You tell us: Who had it worse?

Whose Valentine's Day sucked harder?

  • Jenna
  • Tamara