Roger Says Jionni Should Have Stepped Up To 'The Situation' [Bonus Scene]

When it comes to Mike and Nicole's shared "Jersey Shore" history, we'll always wonder: Did they or didn't they? We might never know the full details (and we're not sure we even want to), but there's one very opinionated person's perspective we didn't get a chance to hear. Apparently, Roger thinks that when "The Situation" tried to get under Jionni's and Snooki's skin, his height-challenged pal should have stepped up and shut the guy down. Period.

The second halves to Snooki & JWOWW talk about how Jionni handled Mike's accusations in this bonus scene from tonight's episode, and while Roger thinks the little guy should have knocked Sitch out, Jionni claims playing it cool was his best bet, as any reaction would have just fed Mike's ego. It actually makes sense to Rog, but he maintains that Jionni shouldn't ever be afraid to stand his ground because "people will run you over." Ideally, though, it won't be with Nicole's hulking truck.

+ Check out the clip, and tell us if you think Jionni took the right road back then, or if he should have been more aggressive.

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