JWOWW On Her Sex Life: 'Roger's Literally A Gorilla In Bed' [Video]

On tonight's episode of "Snooki & JWOWW," Jenni finally alluded to the reason she always tends to have a headache when Roger sleeps over and gets all grabby: something to the effect of "It's too much work." Naturally, her statement intrigued us, so while we held her and Nicole captive with chocolate-covered strawberries and scones during our "Tea Time" after show shoot, host Amy Paffrath had to ask (as in, we forced her) what Jenni meant by it.

According to the girl with an infamous sexpot rep (see: Clone-A-P**sy), being on the receiving end of a human jackhammer calls for incredible strength of mind, body and spirit. Ol' Rog is 260 pounds of pure gorilla, and he's not exactly into quickies. "She has to ride him for like 20 minutes," Snooki explains in the clip below before she's immediately corrected by her friend. "It's not even 20 minutes, it's like 45 minutes of breaking a pelvic bone." Oof, maybe she should be the one sporting the Affliction tee.

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