Sammi And Ronnie Announce Plans To Live In Sin!

Sam and Ron share a quick kiss just before the start of "Jersey Shore" Season 6's filming.

"Jersey Shore" viewers might best remember Ronnie and Sammi for fights that left their Seaside Heights compound in complete disrepair, but soon they can break each other's sh** in the comfort of their own home! The two lovebirds and occasional mortal enemies recently announced they're moving in together, and in New York, no less! Any visitors are advised to bring a nice housewarming Chianti and crash helmets.

After reconciling in May following a dozen breakups and makeups, the two told they've grown up, and are ready to take that next step into adulthood together. "We both had to find ourselves," Ron told the website. "We got to the point where if you can’t make someone else happy, you can’t be happy. We are very happy with ourselves and each other." One thing that won't put a smile on his face? Animal print, a la casa de Snooki & JWOWW. "I'm definitely unique," decorator Sammi said. "A little different than Nicole and Jenni."

+ What do you think of the announcement? Will Ron and Sammi go the distance as live-in lovers, or will their names on the same lease spell disaster? Tell us in the comments!

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Photo: Brian Prahl/Rocke Splash News