'Teen Wolf' Producer Plots Out Storylines With 'Star Wars' Figurines [Photos]

Jeff Davis gives a nod to George Lucas on the "Teen Wolf" set.

Many modern-day Jedis likely leave their "Star Wars" fascinations at home when headed to the office, but "Teen Wolf" Executive Producer Jeff Davis proudly declared his geeky workday leanings toward The Force this weekend via Twitter. Davis posted some shots of goings-on behind the Beacon Hills curtain, revealing that sometimes, plastic Chewbacca and locals of Tatooine are the glue that binds an episode together.

Davis gave fans a glimpse into real-life Hollywood during a Sunday night Q&A session on the social-networking site, and pointed out some of his production's atypical practices. When scenes blocked with figurines were nailed down and his toy chest was closed, Davis also shed light on his cartoonist potential with a blueprint of how he wanted Peter Hale's buried corpse(?) to look, and his side gig as Colton Haynes' body double (remember the close-up of Allison punching Jackson in the throat? That was actually Davis and Holland Roden!).

+ Check out the photos straight from set, and tell us what you think of the "Teen Wolf" method!

Davis makes sure Peter Hale's mangled body is just as it should be.

A man of many talents! Davis takes one for the team as a stunt double.

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Photos courtesy of @JeffDavis75