Snooki & JWOWW Share Their Friendship Guidelines With 'Glamour' [Photos]

Nicole and Jenni primp and pout for

Best buds, roommates and t-shirt store coworkers, Snooki & JWOWW are the modern day Laverne & Shirley. The "Jersey Shore" girls' friendship has withstood long stints together in Seaside, Miami and Florence, and while their shenans may appear unorthodox at times (did you already forget the sex museum visit?), this tag-team knows a few things about loyalty and having fun. Not to mention, they're both unequivocally skilled at making other people feel uncomfortable. So what's the magic behind Nicole and Jenni's seemingly brass-bound BFF-ery?

They're glad you asked. Dressed like foxy pin-up models, the ladies sat down with this month and shared eight of their quintessential comrade commandments, which include a bevy of convincing Dos and Don'ts the duo use to guide them through all the cray. Two of our favorite decrees:

RULE: DON'T lie, ever--not even about looks.

Jenni: I can’t stand girls who are "best friends" to people’s faces and then talk s**t behind their backs.

Nicole: Especially girls who say, "Oh, you look hot," when really you don’t, just because they want to look better.

Jenni: Yeah--she’ll call me out if I look like a mom. She'll be like, "Show boob. Show more boob." And she’s always right.

Born in the wrong decade?

RULE: DON'T try to make the friendship a democracy if a dictatorship works.

Nicole: She usually makes the decisions in our relationship. She wears the pants. She's more of a planning person. I'm more spontaneous.

Jenni: She'll wait until she’s starving to decide where to eat.

+ What do you think of Snooki and JWOWW's canon of truths? Do you and your BFFs have anything similar? Sound off in the comments!

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Photos: Brooke Nipar/Glamour Magazine