Spiritual Guide Deepak Chopra Turns The Tables On Vinny Guadagnino [Video]

Vinny Guadagnino and his soul stroll around Seaside Heights while filming "Jersey Shore."

It wasn't long ago that Vinny Guadagnino got an all-access pass to his spiritual hero's psyche, and since the two kindred spirits got along so famously, Deepak Chopra has now enlisted the likes of the "Jersey Shore" star as his interview subject in a web series segment. Stressful? Probably a little bit, but Vin has become a pro at controlling the crazy, and he doesn't look a hair out of place next to his...colleague?

After the two discuss Vinny's role in the "Jersey Shore" house as the young-but-able advice-giver, Chopra wastes no time peppering his guest with questions surrounding enlightenment. Who are you? "Consciousness." Neat! What is your life's purpose? "To figure out my life's purpose." We'll take it. Do you have any heroes in history, mythology or religion? "Michael Jordan." Err, OK...

Open your mind and take a look at the video for some solid back-and-forth universe speak.

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Photo: Mejia/Asadorian/Splash News