'Awkward.' Poll: Is Jenna Being Too Hard On Her Mom?

Some emotional boo-boos can be cured with potato-chip casseroles, lasagne and chocolate pie, but according to newly confident Jenna Hamilton, a crappy "Carefrontation" letter sure ain't one of 'em. And do we really blame her?

When an overly remorseful Lacey Hamilton, author of one very hurtful and formerly anonymous note, tried to win back her daughter's love with all of her favorite foods in last week's episode of "Awkward," Jenna just wasn't having it. She was all, "Come clean to Daddy Hamilton about the letter or we are so not mother-daughter BFF anymore." When Lacey deflected Jenna's fair request with a fake exclamation about getting perms, J-Town stormed out of dinner, leaving the glorious abundance of comfort food sad and untouched. (Hey, we love pasta and potato chips! Feel free to invite us over next time, Lace. We'll bring the good wine.)

Sorry, sidetracked by food. Anyway, when hot mama Hamilton later apologized to a broken-hearted Jenna (it's about time, Mom!), our anti-heroine delivered a tear-filled ultimatum: "Tell Dad, or I will." Yeouch.

Finally, after receiving an anonymous IM, Jenna decided it wasn't her secret to tell (seriously, what is it with all these opinionated nobodies?), and she coldly let momsers off the hook. Only then did a guilt-ridden Lacey 'fess up to her husby.

+ Is forgiveness even an option when your own flesh-and-blood tells you via an anonymous letter to "Stop being such a p**sy"? Sound off in our poll!

Should Jenna ease up on her mother?

  • Yes! Lacey apologized. What more can she do?
  • No way. Lacey should suffer just a little bit more.

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