Tween Takes 'Awkward.' To Heart, Gives Actress Molly Tarlov Death Glare [Video]

Don't let Molly Tarlov's relaxed face fool you--girl actually fears for her life when she's out in public. Of the close to two million "Awkward" viewers, a small-but-menacing segment of them tend to confuse the actress with her onscreen character, bully Sadie Saxton, and they have no qualms about telling her so on the Internet...and even marching right up to her in person and voicing their disdain. When did tweens get so ballsy?

In the second clip from our interview with Molly below, she tells us the frightening story of one very insulted 11-year-old who gave sweet (and totally innocent!) Mols a piece of her mind one day. Luckily, though, the Team Jenna proponent doesn't take any of the dirty looks to heart: "I know a lot of young people take this show seriously, and I don't blame them," she says. "I used to not like Michelle Williams on 'Dawson's Creek' because she played Jen, and she came to steal Joey's boyfriend." You're not alone, sister.

+ Check out the video, and tell us if you've ever disliked an actor because of the role they played on TV!

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Photo: Matthias Clamer