JWOWW Is The Guiding Light To Hangover Recovery

It's believed that a swimming pool's worth of coffee paired with an ice cold shower can help dehydrated party goers feel better post booze-athon. How to look better is a different story. "Jersey Shore" realist JWOWW knows that appearance is everything, and binge-drinking should never get in the way of a good hair day. So ditch that holey hoodie from college, get out your last dry heave and listen up:

"Here are a few tricks I use to keep from looking like total sh** the morning after," Jenni wrote in a recent blog entry, pointing to puffy and bloodshot eyes and sickly pale skin as watermark giveaways that you spent the night inverted over a keg.

To manage this, she says, it's crucial to ensure your peepers are in tip-top shape. "First, you need to get rid of the big black and blue bags under your eyes--use ice, cucumber slices, tea bags, a cold spoon--whatever works," she advises, adding that a depuffing cream will also help reduce the swelling. But don't be a cheapass--erring toward bargain brands won't get you any closer to hiding your affair with Captain Morgan (or Jack, Jameson or Jose) while out to brunch with the parents.

Next, basically drag a paint roller through your finest makeup and go to town. "A good tinted moisturizer will give you an even base and fix any pale sickly look you might have from booting, etc.." she says, adding that blush will make you look "healthy and alive." You know, while you're rushing to the bathroom for one last grocery-spill.

+ Can you vouch for JWOWW's tips? Tell us if she's on the money, or if you've got any walking-dead insight to add.

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