Party’s Here! Pauly D’s Remix Cocktails Have Hit The Shelves

Muddled mint or a hint of berry with your cocktail? You pick, Pauly pours.

Just when you couldn’t stomach the thought of ordering another “the usual” at your neighborhood watering hole, Pauly D’s long-awaited collection of tropical bevvies has landed on liquor store shelves. That’s right, of-agers, the “Jersey Shore” DJ-turned-mixologist’s line of ready-to-pour cocktails, REMIX, just became available in seven states–Nu Joisy, for one. (Those of you living in RI, NV, NY, MA, IL or GA are also in luck!)

Available in four fruity flavors, including Oye Mojito, Yeah Yumberry, Strawberry Holla-peño (made with a “hint of heat”) and Starfruit, the budding Jerseypreneur has certainly found a way to share the vibe of his pre-Karma festivities with house parties far and wide. All 21+ Remixers need in order to get the night started is some ice, an outdoor patio and possibly a Smush Room for when the bottles run dry.

Pauly’s four flavas pair well with a pastel shirt-before-the-shirt.

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Photos: Nathanial Welch

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