Party's Here! Pauly D's Remix Cocktails Have Hit The Shelves

Muddled mint or a hint of berry with your cocktail? You pick, Pauly pours.

Just when you couldn't stomach the thought of ordering another "the usual" at your neighborhood watering hole, Pauly D's long-awaited collection of tropical bevvies has landed on liquor store shelves. That's right, of-agers, the "Jersey Shore" DJ-turned-mixologist's line of ready-to-pour cocktails, REMIX, just became available in seven states--Nu Joisy, for one. (Those of you living in RI, NV, NY, MA, IL or GA are also in luck!)

Available in four fruity flavors, including Oye Mojito, Yeah Yumberry, Strawberry Holla-peño (made with a "hint of heat") and Starfruit, the budding Jerseypreneur has certainly found a way to share the vibe of his pre-Karma festivities with house parties far and wide. All 21+ Remixers need in order to get the night started is some ice, an outdoor patio and possibly a Smush Room for when the bottles run dry.

Pauly's four flavas pair well with a pastel shirt-before-the-shirt.

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Photos: Nathanial Welch