'Awkward.' Hall Of Shame: Lacey Grasps At Straws To Keep Her Secret Safe

The show's name says it all: "Awkward." And, going into its second season, we've decided it deserves a Hall of Fame Shame where the most cringeworthy moment of each episode can reside in its own twisted sort of glory. Each week, we're adding a new video clip to the collection--check out the latest below!

Not since prom loomed in the "Full House" era has someone longed for a perm so desperately.

On the "Awkward" Season 2 premiere, Jenna Hamilton brought things to a screeching halt when she let her mom know she was in on the fact that Lacey was the "Carefrontation" letter's author. And though the cat was out of the bag between them, Mrs. Hamilton couldn't seem to summon the guts to come clean to her husband. She tried to appeal to Jenna's ego (and when that didn't work, her stomach) to buy some time, but Jenna remained firm that she and her mother couldn't move forward unless they purged the secret that kept them at odds. After all, J was busy enough trying to fashion her Matty and Jake triangle into a straight line and didn't have the strength to harbor multiple scandals.

Ultimately, when Jenna let her mom off the hook and told her that guilt was punishment enough for her literary transgression, Lacey finally fessed up to her poison pen. Until then, though, there were not enough straws for the woman to grasp at to avoid the inevitable talk. Check out Mrs. Hamilton practicing the art of deflection by means of fake-salon plans below, and tell us where it lands on your own personal cringe-scale.

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