Tamara Urges Jenna To Remain Un-Clung From Jake [Sneak Peek]

Matty McKibben is overstepping his bounds a little bit too much lately...or is he? Jenna is sick and tired of her former boyfriend-under-wraps attaching himself as the "Awkward" third wheel to dates with Jake, but Tamara is ready to lay down a truth-bomb, and in her eyes, the issue is completely J. Ham's. Matty, she says, is just feeling the burn of being relegated the BBF: Back-burner friend.

Unitarted T gives her best bud some advice in this sneak peek of Thursday's all-new episode: Don't cling to Jake, and don't ignore Matty. "[Matty's] not trying to tempt you," she says. "He probably feels like the BBF, and I can relate." Turns out, J's been so fixated on her new boyfriend that she's ignored her gal pal to a certain extent, and if the trend continues, no good can come from it, Tamara says, while trying to dislodge her new shiny threads from...herself. Looks...comfy!

+  Check out the video, and tell us if you agree with Tamara that Jenna needs to turn down the dial with Jake.

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