Snooki Says The Sonogram Validated Her Weight Gain [Video]

Nicole was reasonably nervous going into her sonogram on tonight's episode of "Snooki & JWOWW"--she was getting an important test done to determine the health of her fetus--but it was also a moving experience for her BFF, JWOWW. Jenni's eyes nearly welled up with tears of joy when her godchild appeared on the monitor, while Snooki, on the other hand, squirmed with nausea when she spotted her growing baby doing what the technician explained was a headstand. Yep, that's definitely a meatball cookin' in there.

"When I first saw the baby I thought it looked like an alien," the expecting Jersey City resident explains of her unsentimental reaction in this week's "Tea Time with Snooki & JWOWW." But once the early shock of carrying an actual life in her tiny womb wore off, Snooks says the sonogram really impacted her mindset. "Even now, I still don't feel pregnant just because I really didn't get any symptoms," the mama-to-be shares with host Amy Paffrath. "When I go to the doctor's and see the baby in my stomach, it's reassuring." Nope, Nicole, you're not just getting fat!

Watch it:

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