Should Scott Try To Hunt Down A 'Teen Wolf' Cure?

While Jackson was busy growing scales and spurting claws in the back of a prisoner transport van during Monday's episode of "Teen Wolf," Romeo and Juliet Scott and Allison were getting their sexy on and dreaming up relationship fantasies. "Hey, what would you say if I could be normal?" Scott asked. "I want anything that lets me be with you," Allison responded. Altogether now: "AWWWWWW!"

There might be a cure for those hand-picked to howl at the moon--after all, Lydia was bitten by an Alpha and was neither killed nor wolf-ified. (Yeah, she's still not acting normal, but that's besides the point.) She could be immune! And where there's immunity, there's a cure. Right? Read our list of pros and cons for Scott de-wolfing himself, then cast your vote whether the guy should pursue becoming 100 percent human again.

PRO: Freedom at last for Scallison! Allison's hunter pop, Grandpa Gerard and one unnamed were-b*tch might get off Scott's back for good if he were to transform back into a normie, and the lovebirds could finally come out of hiding.

CON: Risking others' well-being. Who else has the wolf balls to go up against Alpha pack leader Derek? The kind-hearted lycanthrope is hellbent on protecting the innocent folks of Beacon Hills, even if it means taking a knife or five in the gut from time to time.

CON: Risking his own well-being. If the former lone wolf gets hurt in lacrosse, he won't be blessed by any miraculous healing. He'll have to go to the doctor like the rest of us common folk. [Insert Obamacare joke here]

PRO: Living a life free of strange, supernatural dangers sounds kinda nice. We assume that the constant threat of being hunted by the very aggressive Argent clan, getting doused in wolfsbane and being attacked by a cranky Beta wolf would get old after awhile.

CON: A return to the D-squad. Formerly an asthma-suffering bench warmer on the lacrosse team, Scott is now co-captain and one of the better players. Hey, being a wolf gives you mad strength and a sudden dose of cool. Take away his fur, and he may go back to being a shy, awkward BHHS outcast.

PRO: Better grooming. No more sporting very unattractive sideburns at some of the most inopportune times--like when you're about to get busy with your smokin' hot girlfriend.

Should Scott find a way to become 100 percent human again?

  • Yes, he deserves the chance to be a typical teenager.
  • No, being a teen wolf makes him unique.
  • It doesn't matter, there's probably no cure.

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