Snooki's Bowel Movement Hits A Roadblock [Sneak Peek]

Hey, we've all been there: When ya gotta go, ya gotta go--even if you're casually browsing a party supply store's inventory. Unfortunately for Snooki, her innards have a lot to say on Thursday's all-new "Snooki and JWOWW" episode, and after the meatball finally commits to swallowing her pride and laying down a deuce in the small shop's bathroom, she's met by some unfortunate left-behinds.

"You shouldn't hold your poop in, especially when you're preggers," Dr. Nicole says in this sneak peek of the series' third episode. "Technically, I'm pooping for two people." Ultimately, though, she'll poop for no one, as the toilet's previous occupier had some technical trouble with the flusher, and Snooki is simply not the type to grin and bear it. "Think you got poop particles on you?" JWOWW asks as she tries to disinfect her friend. Not helping, Jen.

+ Check out the clip, and find out if Nicole ever gets the relief she seeks Thursday night!

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