'The Hills' Are Alive Again! Watch Season 1's Biggest Moments [Video]

Long before Heidi Montag showed up to Kristin Cavallari's baby shower with a fistful of balloons (and two massive bijongas), four young women set out to conquer the Hollywood "Hills" and wound up creating a four-year scrapbook's worth of work achievements, relationship back-and-forths and, of course, that inescapable Tinsel Town drama. Lauren, Heidi, Whitney and Audrina first popped up as a quartet six years ago, and while they came and went as the seasons progressed, their first year together spawned a pop culture phenomenon (and even a spinoff of a spinoff!).

Now that Retro Mania has aired the first "Hills" season in addition to "Laguna Beach," we took it upon ourselves to give you five must-see moments from the season that documented the girls' first few steps into SoCal adulthood. Check 'em out:

Heidi's Party Crash: After Lauren explicitly told her new roommate that she could not bring any guests to her first working Teen Vogue event, Heidi, Audrina and company showed up anyway. Out of guilt, Lauren still pulled some strings to let her friends in, but was ultimately torn down by boss Lisa Love when the higher-up saw the crew sitting in an area for VIPs. Not yet, Heids.

Whitney's Model Debut: Whitney Port's made quite a name for herself as a fashion designer, but, man, if she had a nickel for every time someone mistook her for a model en route... While Whit was working a DKNY fashion show as a Teen Vogue newbie, she got called up to the big leagues when a booked model never showed, and it was the long-legged intern's turn to strut her stuff on the runway.

New Year's Eve Lovers' Quarrel: Didn't forget good ol' Jason made his way back into Lauren's life on the "Hills," did you? After the two started dating again, Lauren grew tired of Jason's jealousy, and things came to a head when he confronted her on New Year's Eve about a call she'd gotten from a former date. The two tussled at the club, and while they eventually reconciled by midnight, Lauren's storm-out was a classic dose of the show's drama.

Best Friend Bonding: It wasn't always about the fights--before Lauren and Heidi became mortal enemies, viewers tuned in to see the strength of the duo's friendship. And when Heidi needed advice about her plateaued relationship with Jordan, Lauren had this classic bit of wisdom to share: "Love is not a maybe thing." That one got us through college, friends... Memories...

LC's Choice: Lauren had a tough decision to make when Jason told her he'd rented a beach house for the couple to share for the summer around the same time Lisa Love gave Lauren a killer work opportunity in Paris. It wasn't clear where Lauren stood at first, but she ultimately chose to stay in Los Angeles while Whitney snatched up the Teen Vogue opportunity right from underneath her. How'd that one turn out again? Oh, right--it was the mistake that haunted Lauren forever (or, at least until she actually got to go to Paris the next time around!).

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Photo: Steven Lippman