Snooki's No Fan Of Her Jumbo Baby-Mama Boobs

Snooki awaits a boat ride while filming Season 6 of "Jersey Shore" in June.

Deena Nicole of "Jersey Shore" is infamous for asking "You like the boobs?" But were the question ever directed to her fellow meatball, Snooki, it seems the answer nowadays would be a resounding "NOPE!" Nicole reportedly hates just how jumbo her jumblies have become during pregnancy, and is ready for her inflated chest to shrink back down to standard-issue size.

"I'm a D now. I hate my boobs so much!" Snooks recently told US Weekly. But while she's tired of the growth up top, she's more than content with some expansion to her mid-section. "I actually want a big belly now," she said. "So I don't mind having brownies or fries." And suddenly, a body-conscious collection of summertime beach-goers curse her name. How 'bout some sympathy here, Snooks?!

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Photo: Mejia/Asadorian/Splash News

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