MTV Twitter Roundup: Kristin Cavallari Takes A Crack At Her 'Laguna' Style

If you had the luxury of hangin' in front of the boob tube this week, then we imagine MTV's Retro Mania time block lifted your regular morning mood. As the first and second season of "Laguna Beach" took over the network, we all got a funny flashback of teenage Kristin Cavallari, who was every bit as menacing as we recalled. And you better believe the former castie was watching along, not so much cringing at her immature behavior as she was critiquing--and laughing at--old style choices (love the choker, Kristin!). Next week Lauren Conrad and her "Hills" crew are set to run the a.m. scene, and we're dying to see pre-op Heidi Montag in action! (It seems she's preparing for the event with a few glasses of vino.)

Elsewhere, the "Teen Mom" girls were fairly active on Twitter. Farrah, who's been updating everyone on her sister's pregnancy, announced that, as of today, she is finally an aunt. And Gary used the internet to make some in-person social plans with fellow cast mate Tyler. It seems Baby Leah was missing him!

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