Watch Out Bieber, Kailyn's Son Isaac Is A Pop Star In The Making [Video]

If parents are as instrumental in fostering their children's interests as the experts claim, then "Teen Mom 2" fans have Kailyn's ex-boyfriend, Jo, to thank for providing his son with both the lyrical range and the confidence to make it as a young--very young--pop star. While Jo, who raps under the name N.I.C.K. b, says he turned to music as a form of self-expression, baby Isaac seems to have a simpler motive. Kid just wants to sing!

Earlier this week, Kailyn uploaded a marvelous YouTube video of Isaac going all acapella to what sounds like recording artist Dev's "In the Dark." He's pretty close to nailing the "Ooh la la" bridge, and hits the "Dancing in the dark" line with some serious commitment and gusto. A pretty solid effort for an amateur!

We'd never claim to be audiophiles, but we wouldn't be surprised if Isaac eventually teamed up with his dad in the recording studio for a collabo. Now that would be one for the cameras.

Check out Isaac's chops:

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