The Hits Keep Coming! Watch The Biggest 'Laguna Beach' Moments Of Season 2

Any tried-and-true "Laguna Beach" fan knows that EVERYTHING can change in a year--or, in MTV terms, a season. By the time Kristin Cavallari was a senior at LBHS, she had become the famed voice behind the show's narration, Lauren Conrad had ditched art school in San Francisco and Jessica, a seemingly innocent student in Season 1, became the epicenter of the famous D-R-A-M-A. Plus: landslides!

Retro Mania powered through two seasons of the series this week, and with the biggest moments of Season 1 already covered, we're shifting our attention to the good, bad and just plain crazy times of Season 2. Check 'em out below, and keep your eyes peeled for pre-op Heidi!

LC's B-Day Vacation: After pining over Stephen for what seemed like a lifetime, Lauren finally got a chance with her dream guy when they and a couple of their friends traveled to Mexico for her birthday. As Stephen and Kristin had recently called it quits, K-Cav simultaneously swooped in on a new prospect, Talan, during her own birthday celebration. Dueling b-day celebrations? This rivalry was a prophecy all along.

Jessica's V-Day Nightmare: With rumors running rampant that Jason had cheated on Jessica, it was only a matter of time before the two called it quits. What Jess didn't expect during "the talk" was that Jason wanted to end their friendship as well, and she melted into a puddle of tears as an uncharacteristically compassionate K-Cav comforted her.

Catfight In Cabo: If you'll recall, it was a little difficult to keep up with Jason's latest girlfriend in 2005. There was Jessica, then Alex and ultimately LC, but mixing and matching was standard in between. Unfortunately, Alex didn't take too kindly to rumors that Jason had hooked up with Jessica again while Alex was still with him, and she decided to confront her about the gossip one night in Cabo. "Do I think you're a slut?! Yeah, I do!" Just...just...amazing.

The Fashion Show Incident: Jason was a baseball player, so saying he batted 1.000 when it came to pissing off girls seems suitable. While he was at his girlfriend LC's fashion show, he snuck off with his ex, Jessica, and smooched her near some sample racks. Lauren didn't take too kindly to this, and after the shock of catching the blatant infidelity wore off, she gave Jason one mighty ass whoopin'. Luckily her old friend HEIDI was there for moral support.

Final Farewell: For her reputation as a pot-stirrer, Kristin was surprisingly tame during Season 2 of "Laguna Beach," and when she said goodbye to her two main girls, Jess and Alex, she seemed--dare we say it--sweet? Before hitting the road to Los Angeles, Kristin took one last look at the landscape of her high school life, and with the setting of the sun, "Laguna Beach" as we'd known it was over. Only the good die young.

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Photo: Michael Muller