Connect The Crocadillies And Pickles To Score On Snooki's New Puzzle App!

Snooki's used to playing Shore Store boss Danny like a fiddle, and now, the "Jersey Shore" and "Snooki & JWOWW" star is challenging anyone with an iPhone or iPad to play her rebooted version of the classic "Bejeweled." "Snooki Bling Bling" is available now for download, but be warned: If you consider getting your virtual hands on the app anytime soon, you can kiss Thursday morning (and...afternoon) productivity goodbye. FOCUS, MATT.

The game calls players to line up--and thereby eliminate--three or more of the same...uhh...blings? keep a steady stream of uprising Snooki-centric treasures from reaching the top of the screen. From Crocadillies to diamond rings, pickles to boomboxes, there's no doubt the game belongs to Nicole Polizzi. But remember, if you don't keep things moving, "Party's here!" will quickly become "Party's over!" And just when things were getting good...

+ Give it a quick download (there's a FREE version!) and tell us what you think!

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