Jionni Tries To Cop A Feel Of Snooki's Baby Bump [Sneak Peek]

During last week's "Snooki & JWOWW" premiere, our mama-to-be waited until she and Jenni were seconds away from signing an apartment lease to drop the pregnancy bomb. Nicole knew that her BFF had been preparing to share an address with a wild child--Jenni's own dad even warned her about living with the liquor-sippin' "gremlin"--so she feared Jenni wouldn't take well to the news. But the "spermball" secret had to be let out of the bag before it started to show, and once Jenni had a chance to pick her up own jaw off the floor, she uttered a hesitant congratulations and they moved onward with their plans.

Jionni is curious to hear how Jenni reacted in this sneak peek of Thursday's all-new episode, and wakes his wife-to-be out of a deep slumber to get a status report. "Is she excited?" he asks his groggy guidette. "She thinks we're too young, I feel," Snooks replies, before shoving Jionni's hand away from her belly. Evidently she's in look-but-don't-touch mode--ironic, considering how she became pregnant in the first place.

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