'Teen Wolf' Cast Says Jackson Might Have A Scaly Leg Up On Derek [Video]

Derek's generally one to think he's got Beacon Hills under his thumb, but the Alpha Wolf has so far been reduced to a scared pup in the face of the Kanima. And now that we know the human behind the eerie creature's slitted eyes is Jackson, the tension between the two "Teen Wolf" rivals is sure to spike.

"I think Derek's concern with the Kanima comes from uncertainty," Dylan O'Brien says in the collection of cast interviews below. "He realizes he can be hurt by it...he's intimidated." And while Derek's only been paralyzed by the creature at this point (not that near-drowning is particularly fun), Executive Producer Jeff Davis says he might be in even more trouble as Season 2 moves along.

"Derek is definitely concerned about Jackson becoming the Kanima--it's reflective of the gift of the bite," Davis says. "But there are larger problems that you won't quite know about until later in the season."

+ Sounds ominous! Watch the video, and tell us what you think will come of Jackson and Derek's back-and-forth now that the truth has been revealed!

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