Snooki's Platform Wedges Hit A Road Bump [Photos]

Snooki has a run-in with the pavement while strolling in Seaside.

Cavorting around the beat-up Seaside sidewalks in heels is a hairy undertaking for anyone, but for a meatball with a predisposition for falling, it can be downright dangerous. Kids, it might be time for Snooki to shave a few inches off her height.

While taking in the beautiful summer air in platform wedges yesterday, the expecting "Jersey Shore" castie lost her footing. Luckily, Snooks caught herself halfway down and used her right knee to brace for the impact, but we have to imagine the experience was a little unsettling. (And just when we thought she had retired her artillery of stilettos in favor of sensible sneakers, too!) The fashionable mama-to-be may still have plans to give birth in sky-high spikes (so fierce!), but perhaps this spill means it's time for her to bring the slippers out of least when she's upright.

Snooki picks herself up and assesses the damage.

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Photos:Thelonius/Splash News