Should Snooki Have Dropped The Pregnancy Bomb On JWOWW Sooner?

When Jenni decided to put in one last hurrah and live with her pal, Snooki, she thought she was signing up for a 24/7 party filled with late-night dancing on bar tops, drunken walks home at dawn (heels in hand, naturally) and possibly a bit of housecleaning to keep the Jersey City roaches at bay. Her boyfriend, Roger, was uneasy at the thought of his girl sharing a roof with the "Gremlin" ("It's gonna be crazy," he said about the proposed living situation), but little did either of them know....

Once the ladies weeded out the ugly residences and found the gutted firehouse of their dreams during tonight's "Snooki & JWOWW" premiere, Snooks dropped two bombs on her bestie that completely flipped her expectations upside down. Instead of stocking the kitchen pantry with Red Bulls and premium vodka, Nicole would be using it to store her pre-natal vitamins and wedding planner. Eeks.

Do you think Snooks should have told Jenni about her pregnancy and engagement sooner, or did she do the smart thing by waiting? Take the poll, then check out a clip from our "Tea Time with Snooki & JWOWW" premiere, where host Amy Paffrath asks Jenni to share her initial reaction to the big reveals. "I lost my tan," she says. The mama-to-be also opens up about her anxious moment. "I thought Jenni was gonna run out or punch me in the face," she says jokingly. One thing they both agree on is that Snooki's pregnancy altered the entire course of the show: "If I was not pregnant, I would have been drunk the whole time. I never would've cleaned, I would've been the worst roommate ever." Can't wait to see the newly domesticated meatball in action!

Should Snooki have told Jenni the news earlier?

  • Yeah, at least before they settled on an apartment!
  • Nah, it was her right to wait.

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