Snooki Saves The Day When Jenni's Aunt Flo Comes To Town [Sneak Peek]

Snooki and JWOWW are the ultimate balancing act. The Libras of the friend world, if you will. When Snooks can't figure out how to parallel park her neon-trimmed SUV on a city street, Mama Jenni coaches her through it. When Jenni's temper lands her in an Ace bandage, peacemaker Snooki helps her hop around in public. Without their yin and yang, the Jersey Shore, and now Jersey City, would be off their axes.

In this sneak peek of tonight's "Snooki & JWOWW" season premiere, it's Nicole's turn to step up to the plate for her BFF. When Jenni desperately needs to use the restroom during an apartment walk-through (Snooks nonchalantly informs the realtor that her roommate "has her period") and discovers its supplies are MIA, she has a mini-freakout and runs through the vacant unit looking for any type of paper goods. Alas, Snooks has napkins from a bagel shop on her person, and just like that, Jenni's womanly prob is solved. Hooray for teamwork!

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