Pauly D Nominated For 'America's Best DJ'

Toward the finish line of his "Project," Pauly D was laying down his best sets for a crowd full of...high school students? Not necessarily a DJ's most elite audience, but the guy's latest achievement is proof he's still one of the industry's biggest talents. Pauly's been nominated for "America's Best DJ" by DJ Times, and should he take the title, it will have meant he bested 99 other pros in the country.

"ABDJ" (sounds sort of familiar...) has listed the blowout king among its top 100 DJs of 2012, and fan votes cast online and at a series of sponsored festivals and concerts through Labor Day will determine whether the crown is his for the taking. In 2011, Kaskade and Skrillex snagged the competition's gold and silver medals, respectively, so it'll certainly be a battle for bragging rights. Luckily, when his back's against the wall (and tech troubles abound) Pauly D always has a way of making things work.

+ Check out the full list of nominees, and make sure to cast your vote!

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